Gibbous Whippets - Pet Sitting & Show Handling
About Us
I began my love for animals at a very early age, having been around dogs my whole life I knew that I wanted to some how incorporate them in my every day life.  Having shown an interest in dogs and the wonderful world of show dogs my aunt, Diane Arner-Motzkus of Eclipse Whippets, quickly took me under her wing filling my head with every bit of knowledge she could. 
My show career began at the ripe age of 7 at a local puppy match where Molly (Paris La Canadinne) and I shared our first show experience.  I was hooked after the first time in the ring and couldn't wait till the next show.  I never entered juniors and instead went right into the regular classes with the adults.  For the first few years I was showing whippets with Eclipse Whippets, but most recently I have been showing my own dogs that I purchased to be my foundation here at Gibbous.
I would like to thank Melanie Kimball of Atlantis Whippets & Dobermans for entrusting me with my first beautiful brindle boy Vader(Atlantis Dark Victory JC) who's dopey fun personality makes him a great dog to live with.  I would also like to thank Suzy Hughes of Snow Hill Whippets for allowing my wonderful white boy Hank (Snow Hill Hanky Panky JC) to come home with me.  With Hank it was love at first site, with his masculine charm, beautiful movement, an wonderful drive make him and asset here at Gibbous.  Also a huge thank you to my Aunt who let me have pick puppy from a litter I whelped for her.  My pick of the litter was a fiery, flashy little red head Gina (Eclipse Strike a Pose) who I feel is my "heart" dog and no matter what will always have a place here at Gibbous.
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